At the beginning of each year, each scout starts a new achievement book that contains all the activities that a Den will do that year.  All Cub Scouts work through their books each year to earn their rank. We call this Advancement. The following will help you understand a little bit about what is involved during each year of Scouting.

Lion Cub Scout: Kindergarten or at least 6 years old

Bobcat Badge: Each boy beyond the rank of Lion must earn this first.

Tiger Cub Scout: First Grade or at least 7 years old

Wolf Cub Scout: Second Grade or at least 8 years old

Bear Cub Scout: Third Grade or at least 9 years old

Webelos Cub Scout: Fourth or Fifth Grade, or at least 10 years old

When the boys have completed the requirements for their rank, and their leader as verified the completion, each boy earning an achievement and his adult partner may be asked to come forward during the following Pack meeting (pack meeting schedule may be found on the calendar).  Each boy will be presented with their achievement by the Achievement Chairperson.

Boys can also work on electives within their rank (see each page for these), or earn other Special Awards.  Whatever his choice, Cub Scouts offers many opportunities to a boy and his family.

Important to understand is that as scouts work on their achievements at home parents need to sign their boy’s book for each achievement completed.  Then parents notify the Den leader of the achievements and Den leaders sign the books as well.  A few achievements may be completed with the Den or Pack as a group in which case the Den leader along can sign.

Upon earning an achievement, boys are presented with the achievement in front of the entire pack at the next Pack meeting.  Earning achievements is a special event for each scout and when presented will be recognized for their efforts and accomplishment.

See this link for more information on the new Cub Scout Advancement Program as of June 1, 2015.

Special Awards

In addition to activities associated with Advancement in rank, Cub Scouts can earn other awards. Leaders and adults are also eligible to earn some of these awards. Below are useful links to resources for more information about Advancements.

Adventure Loops and Pins