Who Is Chatham Pack 8?



Check here to see who our pack leaders are and how to get in contact with them.  All our leaders are parents and volunteers and are standing by to help with your questions.



 2016 – 2017 Committee

Committee Chair:  Joanne Howden jhhowden18@gmail.com
CubMaster  Lou Nowikas lnowikas@gmail.com
 Catriona Smith catrionajsmith@gmail.com
  Dana Carroll dhcarroll@gmail.com
  Brad Carroll bradleyhcarroll@gmail.com


Advancement Chair:      Autumn Strauss  a_strauss@optimum.net

Treasurer:                       Sandeep Malhotra  smalhotra@heliosdev.org

Secretary / Registrar:    Jennifer Alarcon   jent3@me.com

Pop Corn Kernel:           Xenia Kobylarz  xkobylarz@gmail.com

Website:                          Mark Howden  mhowden602@gmail.com


Den Leaders


Second Grade Wolf Den 3:                 Sherry McBride   conlansparents@richichi.org

Second Grade Wolf Den 4:                 Xenia Kobylarz   xkobylarz@gmail.com

Third Grade Bear Den 7 / 8:                Erich Rockman   adonerok@gmail.com

Fourth Grade Webelos 1 Den 6:        Joanne Howden   jhhowden@verizon.net   Autumn Strauss  a_strauss@optimum.net

Fifth Grade Arrow of Light Den 1:     Beth Tunny   bac27jt@gmail.com   John Tunny  jtunny1@aol.com

Fifth Grade Arrow of Light Den 11:   Cathy Hodges  Cathyannhodges@yahoo.com   John Hodges   Cathyannhodges@yahoo.com

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